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Grace/Truth 2.0 Book

Five More Conversations Every Thoughtful Christian Should Have About Faith, Sexuality & Gender

Author Dr. Preston Sprinkle

Grace/Truth 2.0 is an additional five-week learning experience that dives deeper into LGBT+ questions. It discusses why some Christians are changing their view toward affirming same-sex relations, addresses some of the strongest affirming arguments, explores a biblical and theological view of transgender and intersex persons, and offers practical advice on how to embody the grace/truth way of Jesus in the context of ministry.

• Conversation 6: Us vs. Us
• Conversation 7: Shouldn't Christians Just Love Everyone? And Other Questions...
• Conversation 8: Sex, Gender, and the Bible
• Conversation 9: A Grace/Truth Response to the Gender Conversation
• Conversation 10: LGBT+ Inclusion in the Church

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ISBN 978-0-9992072-8-4

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